December 1

Why I Chose My Avatar

Hello bloggers


I chose my avatar because I have dirty blonde I know my avatar have brown hair but it’s close. In my avatar you might find that my avatar is holding a puppy. I  do I have a puppy but my puppy has black fur it was the puppy that looked like my dog. I also have a headband in my hair because I like wearing headbands. And that is why I chose my avatar.

if you want a avatar like my avatar and you would like to make one click here!

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7 thoughts on “Why I Chose My Avatar

  1. carneycrew4saya

    Hi Jordan
    I like you avatar it looks jest like you. I also like how you described what your avatar.


  2. madison15817

    Hi Jordan, I like how you taught me a lot of things about you.
    Also I love to wear headbands too. Do you like to do any winter actives like snowboard, skiing etc?

    From Maddy

  3. ava15817

    Dear Jordan
    I like your blog post about why you chose your avatar because you were specific. I like wearing head bands too. I also like your post about your avatar because you added a lot of information about your avatar.
    From Ava

  4. lila15817

    Hi Jordan, I really like your avatar because I love to wear headbands and I love dogs! I like your post because because it taught me alot about you! Do you have any other pets?

    From Lila


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